google pacman

If some of you have encountered a weird behavior when using Firefox since yesterday, let’s say something like Firefox playing a strange music and some kind of alarm sound, don’t worry, you are not infected by any virus ….

The bug occurred whatever which website I was on.

After some investigation I found out that this problem was coming from one of my Firefox plugin : Coolpreviews
Then I also realized that this music was the same as the one on Google’s Pacman game : yesterday was Pacman 30th birthday and google created a game for it accessible from the main page.

So I wrote an email to the guys from Cooliris (developing CoolPreviews) to know whether it was a bug or a (bad) joke … Here is there answer :

We apologize for the bug and any inconvenience it has caused on your Firefox browser. Most certainly not intentional.

To resolve the issue, please kindly download our fixed CoolPreviews v3.1.0521 from Make sure to clear your browser cache first (Tools > Clear Recent History > cache) to ensure you end up loading v.3.1.0521 and not our previous version. Also close any tabs with the Google homepage, as the folks at Google have it set up to play Pac-man automatically.

The bug was caused by Google’s homepage, which features the Pac Man game today. We had an accidental line of code that would load up the Google homepage in the background. We have now removed that code. Previously, Google did not have any music on their page. So, obviously, today’s debut of Google music and games caught us with our pants down.

We just pushed the fix to Mozilla moments ago at 2PM Pacific Time. It may take a couple of hours for the Mozilla servers to display the new version on the Mozilla Addons Page. If you can’t, the same fix is now available on our website noted above.

This is by far the weirdest bug we’ve ever encountered! The mighty ghosts of Pac-man from Google surely gobbled us up on this one! Phew!

Please feel free to tell your friends the solution this bug!
Best regards,
Alec & The CoolPreviews Team

Those people really sound friendly and I was surprised to see how fast they fixed the bug

PS : deactivating the plugin does not seem to be enough to get rid of the bug